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Email marketing basics

The digital move in the world of marketing has seen a need for business owners to embrace diverse methods of digital marketing such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or Search Engine Optimisation  Another such type is Email Marketing  If well applied, it can lead to a high return from your customers as it gives you a direct link to them. It should work well in ensuring an upward trend in your business. Below are some email marketing basics that you should adopt.
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1.    Always have a goal in mind
There are numerous reasons as to why you send an email and maintaining a focus as to what you want to achieve at the end is what counts.  For instance, you can send emails to build loyalty, share news, invite people to an event or even educate them, sell your product, attract traffic to your site et cetera.  Before sending an email, you ought to have a reason as to why you are sending it, think of the outcome you will get as a result.   Always have a goal in mind and design your mail’s information and a call to action to meet that plan or idea. If you are trying to establish your brand or even yourself, be sure to send frequent emails that have a newsletter that contains information that is educative.  It can also include how-to, tips as well as industry news.
2.    Build a quality list
Having email lists that are better in quality ensures that your emails get delivered.  In marketing, use only opted-in email addresses that are, those who have subscribed to your email list and have agreed to receive your emails.  By doing this, there will be a better engagement, few unsubscribes, and a better placement of your inbox.ESP‘s, and it is additionally not a good way of creating a relationship with potential customers.
3.    Use ESP’s
An email service provider will help you in generating and sending emails targeted to your customer’s niche and will equally provide appealing results.
Other tips that you need to practice are:
•    Mail regularly-your customers should not feel that you email them only when you have a new product that you want to sell them. This means that you have to regularly remind them of your presence.
•    Use links and images- ensure that you include images in your texts as well as links back to your site.
•     Keep your promise and send what you said you would at sign-up
These basics of email marketing will help you in the growth of your business.  Ensure that you are in constant communication with your customers and not only when you need them to buy a product.  Always know what you want while you send an email and ensure that you stick to your plan.
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Still want more? We will probably post more on the topic over time so stay tuned and for now, check out the video below.