In our modern world, it is more important than ever before to be able to communicate as effectively as possible. Employees need to communicate with each other. They also need to communicate with customers both in the local area and in other parts of the world. The same is true of bosses. A boss needs to be able to effectively communicate with employees in order to convey all they have to say using accurate and clear language. Many forms of communication exist today. One of the most important is that of email Email communication is now more important than ever before. It is imperative that all modern employees and anyone in charge of a business understand exactly how to write the best possibel emails. Writing Emails may seem intimidating at first. The thought of communicating with many other people at the same time can be quite scary. Fortunately there are ways to write better emails. 

Audience Awareness

Perhaps the most important aspect of any email communication is being sure of the intended audience. An email that is intended for a general audience in the office should be written differently than one that will go out only to a specific and much smaller audience. The same is true for an email that is going to be placed on a website or a Facebook page rather than one that is intended for those in-house. Careful attention must be paid to tone at all times. A casual tone is called for when writing to familiar people that the writer knows. Using stiffer language in this case can be seen as taking the wrong tone. In contrast, it is best to be as formal as possible when writing to higher ups in any company. The writer should use as formal language as possible even when writing what may initially appear to be a form of informal communication 

Attention to Detail

Another important aspect of writing an effective email is attention to detail. The writer should be aware of small details. All names used in the email should be spelled correctly If in doubt, consult with someone who has such info on hand. The same is true of all titles being used. A Vice President should be addressed as such. The same is true of all people who are being written to as part of the email. The writer should also carefully go over every single word of the email to make sure that each word is spelled correctly. Do not rely soely on spell check. Before sending, read each sentence out loud to check that it makes sense and sounds good when spoken. Careful attention to such details will ensure effective email communications that say what the writer wants to say. 

Email Work